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It all started with a modest concept

Creating Amazing Coffee: Marielita 1.11

one sip and you'll be hooked

Coffee that smells like everlasting spring

Our family's recipe for rich, smooth coffee, has been passed down for generations, following on Marielita's legacy. We're proud to share a unique handpicked coffee that you won't find anywhere else.

New Limited Edition

Washed Colombia Spiced Caramel Aroma Sweet and Balanced Whole Bean - 8oz - Bean

Washed Colombia Spiced Caramel Aroma Sweet and Balanced 

Café Marielita 1.11

...a boutique limited edition coffee that pays tribute to family values, love, elegance and the reputation that precedes the coffee. Marielita1.11 is grown in a magical place within the highlands of the Colombian Andes Mountains in the center of the “Eje Cafetero” where you can find the richest soil for coffee bean growth

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